Time for Phonics Book 1

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Time for Phonics Book 1 introduces speech rhymes, and phonic
jingles along with letter shape tracings and activities based on
letter/sound relationships. The emphasis is on developing phonemic
awareness using initial sounds, medial sounds and final sounds in
simple phonic words. This employs a multi-sensory approach to word
attack skills.
The book culminates in activities where children can use a phonic
approach to read simple phrases and sentences as well as being able
to spell Consonant, Verb, Consonant (CVC) words.



The Time for Phonics Series has been developed from the guildelines of the English and Reading curriculum. It has been created by an experienced teacher/author who has written many other educational resources for young children. Each book has a wealth of graded activities with colour illustrations to make the process more meaningful and enjoyable for children. As activities in each book are completed, the child will develop proficient word attack and literacy skills. There is also a scope for revision built into each book, which will assist in the learning process. Assessment tasks are included for diagnostic purposes.


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